About our company

In 1945 Charles W. Scarsdale and his family moved to Harrison, Arkansas from St. Louis, Missouri. He and several other local businessmen formed Arkansas Products Company. Charles managed the company which made 2¼" and 1½" hardwood flooring, mainly red and white oak. Over the years he bought out the other founders.

Arkansas Products has from its beginning purchased wood from local sources. From this early aerial view we had approximately 3 million boardfeet of lumber at the facallities.

Labor was much different in the early days of the company - all the lumber was unloaded, stacked, and moved to the kilns without any lift trucks! Today we have 7 lift trucks.

During its history the company has made many different products. Flooring, church furniture, water skiis, toys for Sears, farm machinery parts, and mouldings.

We are located in the Ozark Mountains of northwestern Arkansas. A diversity of hardwoods is available within 10 miles of our plant. Local sawmills have been cutting lumber for us in a sustainable manner for over 60 years.

In 1979 Charles retired. Richard, his wife Sybil and their son Mike assumed control. In 1986 Mike's Wife Kathy joined the company as sales manager. Over the next 30 years the plant was completely modernized. An automatic stacker was installed, the rough mill was computerized, a wood-fired boiled was installed, the kilns were computerized, and in 2005 the flooring line was upgraded to the lastest Hasko system.

In 1995 Sybil and Richard retired. Mike and Kathy's son Charles joined the company in 2007; he represents the 4th generation of Scarsdales. Kathy retired in 2009.